We create ready to publish and broadcast video reports for your sponsors, brands and businesses.

A Newswire service for businesses and sponsors

Our Newswire service offers your business the opportunity to promote a brand to relevant audiences by sponsoring video reports which are then distributed via social media, online platforms and TV companies via the Newswire service. When publications download and share video reports they will carry your businesses message in the form of a sponsored ident and branding.

Our broadcast quality video reports are designed to increase eyeballs, drive social media traffic and attract audiences wishing to enjoy local and national cultural events and businesses.

Your business can subscribe to the Newswire service for free. You can then see up and coming coverage and sponsorship opportunities. You can also commission your own report to cover one of your events or even your business itself, to commission reports directly from reporters and to buy exclusive rights.

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Why video reporting?

  • Reach your target audience by sponsoring professionally produced video reports.
  • The best possible way to create brand awareness and to communicate your key messages.
  • Deliver coverage of your news, events, launches and PR campaigns with direct access to WinkBall’s national network of reporters.
  • Reach millions of viewers via social media and digital publishers across the UK with WinkBall's Newswire.

Your business benefits from:

  • A video report created using a journalistic mindset that presents an editorialised story on your event or business.
  • Your brand’s logo embedded as part of the report’s introduction.
  • Your brand’s messaging repeated throughout via an ever present graphic ‘ticker tape’.
  • The opportunity to deliver key messages via interviews with key figures.
  • A dynamic call to action via a branded graphic ident at the end of each report.
  • Your report distributed via the WinkBall Newswire service to established media platforms and all relevant social media platforms.
A Newswire service for digital publishers & TV companies

WinkBall offers 'Free to air video reports' of events and topical stories, that publishers can embed directly into all online platforms at no extra cost. WinkBall's unique publishing tool will automatically build your logo into the credits, branding the video with your own identity.

Our broadcast quality video reports are designed to increase eyeballs, drive social media traffic and attract advertisers. WinkBall's Newswire also allows publishers to see up and coming coverage, to comission reports directly from reporters and to buy exclusive rights.

WinkBall covers national and local stories and events. Editors can filter topics and areas of interest to make the best and most relevant choices for your target audience. Subscribe today, free of charge, receive the feed directly from our professional network of reporters and benefit from the finest content available on the web.

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Why our Newswire service?
  • Benefit from a constant stream of filtered, ‘ready made’ free to air syndicated video reports. The WinkBall Newswire will automatically wrap the content with your logo and brand, making each imbed your own.
  • Be the first to view upcoming events, ideas and reports, according to your area of interest and location.
  • Commission bespoke reports directly from our national network of expert videographers, reporters and editors.
  • Leverage the finest video content available for your advertisers and sponsors.
  • Enrich your digital editorial offering for your viewers, social network and community by joining the UK’s first ‘fully networked’ professional Newswire service.
  • The most cost effective way to prosper in digital publishing.
The Newswire enables you to:
  • Add your publication’s identity to a video report via an ever present watermark or ‘bug’.
  • Add your own branded graphic introduction.
  • Choose a perfect ‘thumbnail’ still to represent the report on your platforms.
  • Add a branded graphic title ident.
  • Compile, create and upload your own branded video report instantly.